With experienced technical team we are at service to develop a customized biomass and/or waste energy solutions that will respond to exact requirements, storage and/or waste quantities and plant dimensions of our customers. Focus is on high efficiency, environmental protection and the seamless integration of the systems into processes.
We offer complete range of services – from initial planning, development and design, to construction, coordination management and maintenance – for successful implementation of complex projects. 
Our approach in managing the implementation of complex projects and development includes: design, procurement and delivery of equipment, construction and assembly works, specialist commissioning, training and maintenance. 

All of the above applies to new projects as well as to projects for renovation, extension and modernization of existing plants. We provide engineering services in energy and industry with complex equipment and technology from different manufacturers, and the development and implementation of multidisciplinary information systems while ensuring high-level operational security and efficiency. There are 4 fundamental steps in our aproach;
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