Circular Energy Resources Ltd originates on the foundations of circular economy and business models considering waste and biomass usage for energy production. 
CER is a part of a business group with TERMOSUN. Together, with our resources, we have developed and equipped 3.000 successful projects in 8 countries around the world, equals more than 1500 MW of energy in renewable technologies. 


With experienced teams and more than 100 highly qualified and competent professionals we develop and coordinate renewable energy projects globally, offering complete service throughout project duration - engineering, construction, management, maintenance and support.

Biomass and waste to energy solutions is our specialty, with our focus on high efficiency, safety for the environment and seamless integration of the systems into processes.

Our responsibility is to deliver appropriate energy solutions, tailored to the processes, for reliable and cost-efficient production. Relationship that we build with our clients allows them to come to us with their biggest problems and most important challenges. They can focus on their daily activities, knowing that we will help. We build our relationships on trust and making and keeping commitments.

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