At CER we understand the complexity of these projects and know perfectly the details of such installations. The quality and confidence we provide to our clients arise from a long experience in the renewable energy sector and from the highest quality of our products.  CER offers energy solutions suitable for each type of facility, both within the public sector like hospitals, schools, local administration and private sector like hotels, gyms, shopping centres and such.

We offer biomass and waste to energy boilers of the latest generation, developed by world renowned manufacturers. They offer the highest operational efficiency with the lowest CO2 emission rates. The state-of-the-art remote monitoring and alarms systems guarantee a 24/7 visibility and control of the boilers’ operations and make possible an instant response in case of any kind of faults or problems.


With ABKessel as our partner, we are able to provide highly customized energy solutions from biomass and waste.  Our wide range of boilers and our ongoing focus on innovation allow us to offer our customers the most efficient technologies for the production of hot water, saturated steam, superheated water, thermal oil and superheated steam.

ABKessel has been producing biomass boilers and components for the wood industry for over 30 years, becoming a specialist in the sector.

The company is highly committed to biomass and waste as sustainable energy sources, and thanks to the large experience, the competence and the latest production technologies we can guarantee an unmatched turnkey solution for every type and size of establishment, both private and public. Our service spans the whole process of the project – before, during and after the execution.

Herz Energietechnik

We are the exclusive European provider for HERZ Energietechnik biomass boilers. The Austrian company, with over 120 years on the market and 3000 employees throughout the world, has become the established specialist for renewable energy systems.  HERZ guarantees quality, experience and innovation.

HERZ heating systems range from 10 kw to 20 000 kw of power.  Its products stand out for their innovative technology, offering the highest level of efficiency, extremely low CO2 emissions, user-friendly handling systems and the latest in product design.