District Heating for 5 local establishments in the town of Alcover, Spain

The project “Proximity District Heating” started by the Tarragona municipality, Spain, is a part of a major pilot project under which 9 energy efficient plants have been realized. The plants run on local forest biomass as fuel. The aim of the project it the development and spread of the efficient economy by lowering carbon emissions and the participation in the fight against climate change following the EU green agenda.


One of the above plants is the recently installed biomass boiler in the town of Alcover, a project realized by the CER Termosun group that will be used to meet the needs of district heating for various local establishments. The plant will provide the city pool, the pavilion, the school gym and two buildings of the Mare de Déu del Remei school with heating and hot water. By using local renewable resources the plants contribute in the fight against major fires, the prevention of the loss of natural resources of rural areas and forrest degradation.


Boiler model: HERZ Firematic

Power: 350 kW

Fuel: Woodchip

Sector: Local establishments


Visit to the Tehnix factory

On 26 February CER management visited the company Tehnix, the Croatian leading eco-industry developing and manufacturing innovative technology in the field of waste management.

We were particularly impressed with their unique MO-BO-TO technology that recycles and treats mixed municipal waste, transforming it into raw material, eco compost and RDF fuel. It completely solves the problem of communal waste management, and turns waste into an economic resource.

CER and Tehnix share the common vision of a sustainable development and a circular economy, and we are looking forward to establishing a good and long-lasting collaboration.

We signed the public procurement contract

Fllowing the public procurement procedure for the project “Construction of the water sewage system of the Metković agglomeration and the reconstruction of the water supply network” today it was signed the

Public procurement contract with the city of Metković Water Management Authority. CER, in partnership with COMSA S.A., has been working on this project throughout the 2020, and prepared the best offer which eventually won the public tender bid and was awarded the project. On the basis of the contract COMSA S.A. is the main contractor for the construction works of this project worth 338.001.831,78 kuna and whose duration is planned to be 36 months. CER is going to be in charge of the construction of the pumping stations and the professional expertise support.

We at CER are very proud to be part of such an important project that will improve significantly the lives of the population of the city of Metković. Among the many benefits of this project is the decrease in the losses of the water supply network and the optimisation of the system processes. Also, there will be a significant increase in the connectivity to the sewage system network and an increase of waste water being treated.

Important past references

For more than 20 years we at CER have been committed to developing projects and implementing technologies that would foment the growth of green power and the sustainable economy.

Windfarms are one of our key areas of expertise. We cover the whole project circle – from the initial project analysis to the final plant commissioning.

One of past references include the production management of wind towers for AWP wind turbines in the company Brodosplit d.d., in Croatia.

CER is participating with our brand ABKessel in the new manufacturing plant in Turkey

Based in the highly sophisticated 15,384,238 m2 industrial complex developing in the outskirts of Ankara, we are in the advanced stages of the construction of the new state-of-the-art boilers manufacturing plant to be completed by the end of 2021.

The new plant will be an addition to our already existing ABKessel factory, and it has proven indispensable to meet our increased demand for biomass and waste-to-energy boilers for covering the energy needs in the industrial and manufacturing sectors and for District Heating, in both the private and public sectors.

The plant will be producing tailored boilers, with specific requirements in terms of destined use, capacity and fuel used. The planned capacity of the boilers will range from 0,5 MW to 10MW. However, intense research and studies on boiler design are underway to determine the possibility of the delivery of boilers with even greater energy capacity.

An important element of the new facility is a production machinery line that will be manufacturing water tube boilers for Energy Plants.

However, the great innovation of the future plant is the planned separated boiler room that will be used as a test center.  A moving grate boiler will be installed and equipped with all measuring devices which will be able to test customer fuels.

The industrial zone where the plant is located has a total of 321 parcels ready for use for the most diverse industries. This greatly increases the chances to have suppliers and partners in the same area, which is going to be an important advantage in terms of a faster and much more economic supply of raw materials.

In addition to that, the area will be directly connected to a modern railway network for international transport of containers and heavy loads, planned by the Turkish goverment. This will make for a seamless, fast and economic delivery of our finished products anywhere on the European and Asian continent.

Our latest biomass plant in Spain

One of our latest projects in the renewable energy sector is the biomass plant for the Quadpack Wood company, for its manufacturing unit based in Torelló, in Spain. The project has been done in collaboration with our partner Termosun, from Barcelona.

Two of our biomass boilers were installed in the production plant of the Quadpack Wood company, a renowned manufacturer of packaging products made of wood.  The company is a frontrunner in innovative and sustainable manufacturing, aiming to lead the change through its positive-impact processes.

The company production plant will use the wood residues from the production process to generate energy for their drying, heating and cooling systems. With the transition to biomass boilers the company has gained multiple benefits. By using its own residues the company became self-sufficient for its energy needs, it cut CO2 emissions to marginal levels, it is not generating waste and it is considerably lowering its production costs.

This is just another great example of the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the circular economy that uses biomass as the source of energy. It also highlights the fact that manufacturing and production can be done in a sustainable and ecological way.

CER and COMSA S.A. have won the bid for the best tender

We are thrilled to announce that CER and COMSA S.A. have won the bid for the best tender in the public procurement procedure for the “Upgrading and reconstruction works on the system of public water supply and sewage services” and the “Upgrading of the existing central waste water treatment plant” in Split, Croatia.

The project will greatly improve the lives of the citizens of the cities of Split and Solin, and the municipalities of Klis, Dugopolje and Podstrana.

There is still a long way to go before the contract awarding, since there is the analysis process of the offers that now has to be undertaken. However, the first and most important step has been achieved and we will be now waiting for the final decision.

Latest developments in the W.E. District project

The W.E. District project is continuing in its development of its technologies and integration of renewables into the district heating systems across its demo sites. The latest development on its course to generating heating and cooling from 100% renewable sources is the development of the innovative Renewable Air Cooling Unit (RACU) prototype, a unit that supplies cool air by using low temperature renewable heat source.

Recently it has received the first award from the Sustainable Development Awards promoted by the Diario Córdoba.

Once finished it is going to be implemented on the demo site Alcalá de Henares, along with the other technologies that are being developed for the site, and in the future will be replicated across Europe.

Check all about this fascinating project here: https://www.wedistrict.eu/

For more information on the latest progress, follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WedistrictH2020

Croatian-Spanish forum on Renewable Sources of Energy

We were proud to be represented at the Forum by our CEO, Mr. Mirko Tunjić, who was one of the key speakers at the panel on the “Future of sustainable solutions in the energy sector”.

The European Union has set highly ambitious targets with the European Green Deal in the quest for limiting the effects of the climate change by turning completely to clean energy. In order to back this plan the EU is going to invest 20 billion Euros in renewable energy sources in the near future.

The Croatian government has also decided to change the paradigm towards a decarbonized economy. In recent years the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has been working on regulations that would make the transition of Croatia to a low carbon economy much easier. It will surely benefit all the companies in the private sector, like ours, who can take advantage of the current wave.

On September 30th, 2020, the Croatian-Spanish forum on Renewable Sources of Energy took place in Zagreb, organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the Embassy of Spain in Croatia. It was aimed at reinforcing and further promoting the cooperation between Croatian and Spanish companies on both markets and further across Europe and beyond.