Biomass and Waste to energy Solutions

For efficient and sustainable energy

What we do to help our clients

We offer full support - from initial consulting, development and design, to counstroction, coordination management and maintenance - for succesful implementation of complex projects.

Market specific solutions and various applications

Industrial Sector

Industrial Sector

The quality and trust that we provide to our clients arises from extensive experience in the industrial sector and the quality of our products.
Public Facilities

Public Facilities

Large building complexes often require continuous energy in various forms, such as steam, heat, electricity and cooling meaning considerable expenditure of energy.
Hotels & SPA

Hotels & SPA

Efficient, sustainable and personalized projects and facilities for hotels, spas, rural houses and other centers for leisure and well-being.

Sustainable and energy-efficient solutions


We offer support fot the entire process  of the biomass system implementation: fesibility of the project, design of most suitable system, selection and application of best technology, technical assistance, maintenance and training.

Combined heat and power systems

Our turn-key cogeneration solutions provide answers to all technical specifics and include: project documentation, delivery of equipment, instrumentation, measurement of process quantities, measuring instruments, control and regulation, equipment assembly, testing and commissioning

Waste to Energy

WtE systems are specially designed to obtain the maximum amount of clean energy from waste and to consume less electricity in process. As a result, every day waste can be converted into an eco-friendly energy source and used to power local communities.
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