La actividad principal de CER es la producción de energía a partir de fuentes renovables. Este tipo de generación de energía reduce considerablemente la cantidad de emisión de gases de efecto invernadero y contribuye a la creación de una economía y sociedad más limpias y sostenibles.

Heating and Cooling

Nuestras plantas de District Heating and Cooling proporcionan soluciones para la calefacción y la refrigeración de zonas urbanas de una manera limpia, ya que utilizan biomasa como combustible. La energía es producida en una estación central y posteriormente distribuida a través de una red a todos los usuarios. Este tipo de plantas proporcionan calefacción y refrigeración para instituciones tales como edificios residenciales, hospitales, hoteles, centros deportivos e incluso areas urbanas enteras. Cada red y subestación tiene su propio sistema de medida, facilitando así el control completo a los usuarios sobre su gasto y su sistema de pagos.

La calefacción es la responsable del 50 % de la energía producida, y la mayor parte de las redes de DHC aún dependen en gran medida de combustibles fósiles. Con el uso de la biomasa como combustible, producimos calefacción y refrigeración de una manera completamente ecológica y sostenible, reduciendo así nuestra dependencia en los combustibles fósiles, disminuyendo las emisiones de CO2 y apoyando a las economías locales.


Las plantas de cogeneración producen simultáneamente electricidad y calor a partir de una única fuente de combustible. El calor que se generado como derivado de la producción energética, se usa entonces para el sistema de calefacción. De esta manera, no se malgasta energía, lo cual hace que las plantas de cogeneración sean una de las soluciones mas eficaces y económicas fuentes de energía que hay, con una increíble eficacia del 70 al 80 %. Como combustible, usamos biomasa, una fuente de energía limpia y prácticamente inagotable, reduciendo de esta manera el impacto ambiental durante la producción energética.

Nuestras plantas de cogeneración pueden construirse en cualquier lugar donde calefacción y electricidad sean necesarias. A excepción de las centrales eléctricas, las plantas de cogeneración son una solución conveniente para: industrias que requieran el uso de calefacción, hoteles, hospitales, gimnasios, centros comerciales, escuelas e instituciones similares.

Producción de electricidad

The generation of electricity with renewable sources of energy works on similar principles as the conventional methods yet with far less emissions produced in the process.  Our electricity plants provide electricity with biomass as energy source, in the form of residues from the industry, agriculture or forestry. In regions where such industries exist, the production of electricity from such sources is highly profitable since the feed material is local and therefore the costs are low.

Our Projects

The quality and trust that we provide to our clients arises from extensive experience in the industrial sector and the quality of our products.

Large building complexes often require continuous energy in various forms, such as steam, heat, electricity and cooling meaning considerable expenditure of energy.

Efficient, sustainable and personalized projects and facilities for hotels, spas, rural houses and other centers for leisure and well-being.



Biomass, used for energy production purposes, has turned out to be one of the most efficient, a clean and sustainable sources to cover the energy needs across the world. As an energy source, biomass can either be used directly via combustion to produce heat and electricity or indirectly after converting it to various forms of biofuel. It is an inexhaustible renewable source - it has, a very low impact on the environment and the energy production with biomass is highly cost-effective. Currently, using suitable boilers and equipment, biomass, is capable of replacing any conventional thermal application powered by non-renewable sources.

What is considered biomass?

Biomass includes all the organic material originating from plants and animals. For energy production we mostly use wood industry residues and agricultural residues. Most of the resources derive from local industries, therefore fomenting local development and a sustainable economy.

Waste to Energy (WtE)

Waste-to-energy (WtE) or energy-from-waste (EfW) is the process of generating electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste, or the processing of waste into a fuel source - such as methane, methanol, ethanol or synthetic fuels. In order to produce energy from waste, we use are high-efficient technologies, designed in such a way to obtain the maximum amount of clean energy from waste and consume less energy in the process. As a result, every day waste can be converted into an eco-friendly energy source and used to power local communities.

The environmental and economic benefits of WtE

* Reduction of landfilled waste

* 100% disposal of local sewage sludge (40% ash residual)

* Waste from local population given back as electricity/heat

* Minimised waste transport and additional environmental pollution

* Net fossil fuel savings (heating): ~4.000.000 Sm3 natural gas/year

* Reduction of greenhouse gases

* Optimal utilization of heat and electricity


At CER we understand the complexity of these projects and know perfectly the details of such installations. The quality and confidence we provide to our clients arise from a long experience in the renewable energy sector and from the highest quality of our products.  CER offers energy solutions suitable for each type of facility, both within the public sector like hospitals, schools, local administration and private sector like hotels, gyms, shopping centres and such.

We offer biomass and waste to energy boilers of the latest generation, developed by world renowned manufacturers. They offer the highest operational efficiency with the lowest CO2 emission rates. The state-of-the-art remote monitoring and alarms systems guarantee a 24/7 visibility and control of the boilers’ operations and make possible an instant response in case of any kind of faults or problems.


With ABKessel as our partner, we are able to provide highly customized energy solutions from biomass and waste.  Our wide range of boilers and our ongoing focus on innovation allow us to offer our customers the most efficient technologies for the production of hot water, saturated steam, superheated water, thermal oil and superheated steam.

ABKessel has been producing biomass boilers and components for the wood industry for over 30 years, becoming a specialist in the sector.

The company is highly committed to biomass and waste as sustainable energy sources, and thanks to the large experience, the competence and the latest production technologies we can guarantee an unmatched turnkey solution for every type and size of establishment, both private and public. Our service spans the whole process of the project – before, during and after the execution.

Herz Energietechnik

We are the exclusive European provider for HERZ Energietechnik biomass boilers. The Austrian company, with over 120 years on the market and 3000 employees throughout the world, has become the established specialist for renewable energy systems.  HERZ guarantees quality, experience and innovation.

HERZ heating systems range from 10 kw to 20 000 kw of power.  Its products stand out for their innovative technology, offering the highest level of efficiency, extremely low CO2 emissions, user-friendly handling systems and the latest in product design.


CER is part of an international team of experts and companies leading the way in the production of electricity from solar and wind energy. We stand out for having carried out the first solar photovoltaic and thermo-solar projects in Croatia and in Spain.

From the initial project assessment and analysis to plant commissioning - We offer a comprehensive service that includes all the phases of the project development. The services include identification of the territory with the most suitable condition for the plant development, obtainment of the permits, performing the necessary studies and the complete project engineering services. Our wide range of activities in the wind energy production include innovations, R&D, engineering and project documentation and project management and turnkey.

Wind Power

Wind power if one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world.  Wind turbines produce electricity by converting the energy of wind into electrical power. Nowadays technological development has made wind turbines more resistant and efficient, and the prices have substantially dropped through the years. Wind farms provide reliable, cost-effective and pollution free energy.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes all the phases of the development of wind farms. The services include identification of the territory with the most suitable condition for the plant development, feasibility studies, obtainment of the permits and the complete project engineering.

It includes:

  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Procurement, delivery and installation of equipment
  • Construction of the plant
  • Integration, testing and commissioning
  • Specialist commissioning tests (automation and protection systems, automation and turbine control systems)

Solar Power

Solar energy is captured with photovoltaic solar panels that convert it to electricity, or as a source to heat indoor spaces or fluids. The technology that converts solar power into energy is simple and effective and through years of development it has turned solar power into a reliant, affordable and efficient source of energy.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes all the phases of the development of photovoltaic solar power systems. The services include feasibility studies, obtainment of the permits and the complete project engineering.

It includes:

  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Procurement, delivery and installation of equipment
  • Construction of the plant
  • Integration, testing and commissioning
  • Specialist commissioning tests


In the last years, CER was involved in sewage water systems, drinking water supply and wastewater treatment plant projects with a value of more than 70 million euros.

CER can offer:

  • Market analysis
  • Offer obtention
  • Price calculations
  • Potential subcontractors
  • Logistics management
  • Equipment and machinery rental
  • Warehouse rental
  • Project preparation

Agglomerations and Sewage Systems

We offer reconstruction of existing and building of new water supply sewage systems.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Our Wastewater Treatment Plants provide mechanical and biological  treatment of wastewater with discharge or purified water into the recipient.

Additionally, these plants can be used for sludge drying, which can be used for the production of thermal energy or as fertilizer.


Consulting and development

Consulting and project development are the initial phases of the project management. When starting a new project to each client we offer:

  • Analysis of the existing plants to ensure optimal performance, reliability and income (minimizing cost, maximizing output and efficiency)
  • Identification of specific short-term plant optimization objectives and best practice policies
  • Site and quality management
  • Overall scheduling and progress control
  • Documentation preparation for planning and environmental permits
  • Supervision of civil works
  • Supervision of mechanical, electrical and automation equipment installation
  • Overall commissioning management
  • CDM Coordinator
  • Declaration of conformity; CE - Identification

EPC and Turnkey

Our turnkey solutions provide answers to all technical specifics and include plant construction, equipment assembly, coordination, testing and commissioning.

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