EU Projects

Proyectos Europeos

The European Union is strongly committed to a greener, more sustainable future. Its goal is for Europe to become fossil fuel independent with net-zero gas emissions by 2050. In order to achieve this ambitious plan, the EU has been developing new programs and increasing funds aiming at progressively cutting the use of fossil fuels and turning towards a circular, green economy.

The main program supporting this transition is the Horizon 2020, with the European Green Deal being its latest and so far the biggest call. These programs are set to reaching the 2050 goal by addressing funds for research and innovation in environment friendly technologies and innovative industries. The final scope is a complete decarbonisation of the energy sector.

We at CER share the same vision of a greener and an environmentally inclined energy sector. We   are fully committed to contribute to its development by sharing our knowledge and vast experience that we have accumulated over the years. We can do so by participating in projects with companies across Europe to develop innovative technologies that will revolutionize the way energy is produced and transformed.